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The Adventures of Jack and Red.

This is the twenty-eighth in a series of blogs chronicling an expedition into 'space' with Jack Pynesapp and his granddaughter Red. To read the entire story (with notes) please see the JackPynesapp web site: [ click here ]



JJ stood up next to his wife. The combined 'risings' removed the weight from the porch swing which caused it to tilt suddenly towards Red, who was listening so intently that it caught her off guard and she nearly slid off the arm she was sitting on and had to grab the chain that held the swing to keep from falling on her butt.

JJ whispered; "Let's hear him out, okay Gwen? Just a couple more minutes and then we'll go." He looked at Gwen pleading with his eyes. She looked at Red. Red shrugged her shoulders and smiled like 'what can it hurt."

JJ was still looking at Gwen when he said out loud; "So Billy, how did you bring the train back?"

Billy gave a nervous laugh and blushed; "Well, I didn't exactly bring it back myself. But I met someone who has."

"Let me guess, " Gwen laughed, "at Glendale, right?"

"Actually 'yes' as a matter of fact." Billy said.

Everyone settled back after hearing this and collectively relaxed and nodded.

"I know what you think," Billy continued, "but remember that just because someone is in a crazy place doesn't necessarily mean they're crazy."

"Come on Billy," Gwen laughed, "you've gotta admit it's a pretty strong clue."

"No, " Billy protested, "you know, sometimes we think people are crazy when in reality they just don't have enough sense to keep their mouths shut."

"You can say that again." Gwen snorted.

"Billy, " Red interrupted, "I'm curious about this world you say you lived in before the train came. "

"We all lived in." Billy corrected. "Well, except for you - you weren't born yet."

"Wait, Red, " JJ said, "can we find out more about this guy who supposedly brought the train back, first."

Gwen slowly shook her head. It was obvious that she had really heard enough of this. Marge stood up and said; "Gwen, can you help me clean up?"

Gwen said; "Thanks Marge, I'd love to." She gave Red a looked like 'don't you want to come with?'  Red gave her a 'please let me stay - I want to hear this' look. Gwen sighed and followed Marge into the house - giving JJ a quick, stern 'I'm leaving you in charge' look over her shoulder.

[This is bogging down a little. Maybe now that the 'ladies' are gone we can move along at a brisker pace. ]

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