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"God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man." -Arthur Young

These are stories about some of the various adventures of Jack Pynesapp; some real and some - well, perhaps less real. Either way, I pass them along for your enjoyment and wonder. (If they cause you to wonder 'what the heck was that?' then I have succeeded).

I created Jack Pynesapp nearly 40 years ago for a small community newsletter named The Janus. I had recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in botany and the editor asked me to write an advice column on plant care. I called it "Ask Jack Pynesapp" (kind of like Ask Ann Landers - you know?). I wrote a dozen of so installments before the newsletter folded (pun intended). I didn't take the demise personally.

About 4 years ago I started writing a blog about my fight with bladder cancer named "Surviving Bladder Cancer". I have always enjoyed writing and as I recovered from surgery my mind (and my blogs) began to wander back to other parts of my life. Some followers of my blog commented that I was going "off topic" so I revived Jack Pynesapp and began a blog that wasn't constrained to just one topic.

So the 'topic' of The Travels of Jack Pynesapp is to tell my story along with any other stories that I feel like telling - either fact or fiction. Or perhaps just to explore and develop the art of story telling. Some blogs concentrate on form and some on content. And, hopefully, some will have both.

When I bought the domain '' I needed some place to 'home' it. I didn't want to home to blogspot servers since I don't have control. So I set up this page on my 'Treenut' server to serve as home for this domain.

[Note: These stories are currently in blog format ( I find that writing in the blog environment is the easiest and most intuitive ) and they are located on I may transfer some of them to this site and refine them in the future, if that seems necessary. Right now this is just a relay site to link to the domain and help you get to the content. ]

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  • Over the past few months I have been telling the story of Jack and his Granddaughter, Red. This story is serialized as a blog and I post each chapter as I write it so it gets mixed up with all the other blogs - and appears in reverse order at blogspot. So I have set up a web page where I have copied these chapters in proper order and with some annotations about the process of writing each part. There are some chapters where I have made changes on the web copy that do not apear in the Blog version. When this happens I will explained it in the notes.

    [Click here for "Jack and Red" the web site]

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